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How your organization can leverage the information that it shares on:


Tripadvisor is viewed as the credible online source for travelers to learn about travel destinations.  This account can be managed seasonally and should reflect the current offerings.  The account should contain photos and video that capture the enjoyment that can be had at the museum.  They must be upbeat and they should not feature employees as they would become dated very quickly.  Ideally, the information shared on Tripadvisor  should entice tourists by positioning your destination apart from all of the other destinations out there.  A personal message, a featured coupon, and a Tripadvisor paid account will certainly improve performance from this marketing tool.


The information that you have about your destination in regards to the history of the area can be converted into extensive wikipedia articles.  These articles will explain how the area came to be, and will also help to promote the cultural history.  Hyperlinks can be added to the articles which head back to your website, which will improve the SEO of the website.  Also, Wikipedia is cited as a content verifier of content by Google, Yahoo, and major search engines, and as such the information shared is highly important.  As a note, it is even brought into Facebook to create pages about Regions. 


A Travel wiki Page would serve as an individual article that explains the offerings of the museum and what can be found inside.  As Wikipedia is not meant for advertorials, a Travel Wiki  is the best option to highlight the museum with a promotional type of message.  It can contain photos, the history, currents events, and why tourists may really enjoy themselves.  This article must be written through the perspective of a Travel Blogger.

Google Image Search

Submitting archived images, and current images directly to Google by opening a Picasa account and featuring photos that are labelled and tagged as the museum will improve SEO and it will lead to higher organic traffic to the website. 

It also increases the visibility of what your destination has to offer by sharing images of what certain buildings may have inside them to those whom would  be curious.

Google Business Places

A customized Google Business Place that has featured content can really make a huge  difference in your marketing efforts. The information that should be included would be up to 10 photos, some youtube videos, and a written explanation of what tourists will find at your destination and why they might enjoy it.  Some of the written testimonials of previous visitors can be included as reviews  in order to improve the Google Page.   Google Pages can be created for individual departments in a resort and this will certainly improve SEO.  

Flickr Images 

Flickr Photosharing  offers a chance to leverage photos taken at the museum and to share them in albums, photo sets, and slideshow styled presentations.  Not only can you create a profile and share the information about the museum itself, but each photo can be added to other groups as well.  Tags, descriptions and current trends must be taken into account when filling out the information about the photos.  One feature of Flickr, is that you can us the slideshows and drop them into your Facebook profile, your website, your Twitter Feed and much more.  It is a very cost effective solution to raising awareness online.


Wikimapia may be the key to being included in GPS searches for Garmin and TOM TOM devices.  If your destination wants to be listed as a local attraction on these devices, then this option should be explored.

Bing Search 

So you submitted content to Google, did you submit to Yahoo?  Yahoo/Bing requires a paid account and it may be very well worth it.  You can submit your website, some photos, a profile, and a sitemap so that your site is indexed properly and searched properly.

Facebook Profile 

Interestingly, most Facebook Business Profiles and pages are not handled properly.  A Destination should have a true Organization Page as opposed to a personal account.  Applications can then be shared on the page and personalization of the account can really define the destination online.  To increase awareness content should be shared in a timely manner that promotes the events that will be happening, the special promotions that will be occurring and weekly posts that are creative and original.  Social Media is meant to be social.  If you are sharing the account with those that visit the museum, then you should be engaging the visitors and following up with them when they join the Facebook Page you shared with them.  You can then ask for their videos, and photos and for reviews for your Google Profile, Facebook Review, Website, etc.  This social aspect really works better when local businesses are featured in conjunction with your destination and contests are held online and in regular forms of media.

Submitting to search engines

SEO can really be improved if you submit your site to search engines.  With a higher amount of links pointing at the site, your site can really start to attract the attention it deserves and it will be sourced as a quality destination for tourists.  Also, if you position yourself as having certain cultural features, those links can point directly to the information that distinguishes your destination from other similar  destinations.

Youtube Videos

Submitting Youtube videos can really improve your image online.  It is a creative method to feature the programs and events that are hosted inside the museum.  There are 2 types of videos that can be created for the museum.  One would be an infomercial styled professional video that may have interviews and a virtual tour of  destinationand what is has to offer.  The other type is from the perspective of a tour group and it should follow along a day in the life of a tourist that arrives with a group.  This one proves to be more effective online as it is not simply advertising and it allow viewers to imagine themselves in the same role.

Virtual Tourist

Virtual Tourist is widely recognized as an online forum about tourism and vacations.  Ideally, there are would be a page featuring your destination.  This page will be pulled up in many of the other search engines and due to the size of this as a  tourism directory, there will be higher visibility online.

Landing pages on website

The landing pages that your destination has currently  is very important to those that are looking for destinations to visit.  The order of your website pages and their names should be taken into consideration.  With the way that Google shows your most important pages, it is possible that you are missing an opportunity to advertise your events and features which may appeal to a larger audience.  The first page should be filled with content, images, events, listings, and activities.  It should have more actual writing and the copy on the page should be SEO and SEM friendly. Article

There needs to be an article in order to gain a larger audience with foreign audiences.  This article will help to increase SEO and to increase actual page views of the Destination. 

Travel Blogging

There should be Travel Blog articles featured in multiple online travel forums.  This is where true travel enthusiasts share their journeys.  Matador is a great example of a worldwide network of travel bloggers, and use of this forum will engage readers from afar.

Thank you for your time and consideration and we wish you the best in all of your endeavours.  

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