Blog Samples

These blogs have been paid writing projects that have been written by Justin Skultety

They are search friendly articles that have been written to raise interest in certain organizations as well as improve SEO in search engines.  

The Sydenham: A condo project that was to be sold before development. 

Blogs have been written to promote the reasons to pre-purchase.

Blog written for: Celebration of Founding of Condo.

Blog written for: Cultural Reasons for living in Owen Sound

Blog written: Condo amenities featured in future Condo project.

Explore the Bruce: Tourism Marketing DMO in Bruce County Ontario.  

Blogs have been written to create more draw to tourist attractions and to raise ROI by sending tourists to cultural assets.

Blog written for: New high rope course in Bruce County.

Blog written for: National Park yurt development.

Blog written for: Largest outdoor market in Ontario.

Great Canadian Heli Skiing: 

Blog written for: Snowboarders that are considering heli-skiing.

Blog written for: Elite middle aged skiers.

Blog written for: Tourism Organizations as a press release of a great video.

Blog written for: VIP guests of heli-skiing operation.

Blog written for: Women website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin followers.

Blog written for: Potential clients that may be looking at skiing in Alaska.

Blog written for: Guests looking for flexible scheduling.

Blog written for: Comparative marketing piece that contrasts large and small groups.

Blog written for: Spouses that send their loved ones heli-skiing.

Blog written for: Europeans that are looking to ski in BC.

Blog written for: Families that ski together.

Blog written for: Potential clients interested in how a heli skiing operation works.

Blog written for: Pre Season powder skiers to increase interest in Facebook Page.

Blog written for: Gift certificate promotion.

Blog written for: Skiers that want a heli skiing trip as a gift!

Blog written for: Skiers that love bringing cameras on their trips!

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