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Social Media and Cause Related Marketing/ Fundraisers

Posted by owensoundnaturalhappinessguide on October 15, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Cause related marketing can be a very social experience.

Marketing to one's heart as opposed to one's pocketbook is ideal.  Large organizations have been doing this for quite some time with door knocking campaigns, telethons, and mailouts that request support in the form of money for a good cause.  

How does social media, and online presence

and the right image fit into this?

It is simple, a well written webpage that can be shared via social media is the new form of direct advertising when used by a non profit organization.  Facebook pages and Facebook events with appropriate PDF, or JPG files that can be downloaded are now becoming the norm.   Best practices in this category include using a graphically designed poster or brochure that has all of the pertinent information about the event being shared or the cause itself.

Sharing Photos of those involved become an important part of the cause as it shows community participation and due to having a "Tag" feature, they can be shared directly on the "Walls" of those that participated.  It is a great way to show appreciation for the involvement of those that donated their time, energy, or their hard earned dollars.

Having the Regular media share your Facebook event on their pages, over the radio, and in the paper is also a really good way to raise awareness of your cause.  Be sure to do this very early and repeatedly so that it becomes ingrained in the minds of those that have busy schedules.  You want people to be able to recall that there will be an event and why they should attend.  Mention the Facebook Page, The Location and always link to a website if possible as that is the best place to share even more information and to thank supporters of your cause.

Remember, SEO best practices may be used in the page, and having a link to a website means that if there should be a few thousand people that visit the site, Google may show preference to that content for the next year to come.  This is a practical solution to creating a well found website in Google searches.  Just be sure to resubmit the site and it's htlm sitemap the next year with new content or else it may be cached.

Causes are the reason for being social and social media is a great way to get that message across!

Justin Skultety -Tourism SEO

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